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  • December 14, 2019

    AMS' original ... My version based on his design ... Congrats again on the win. &nbs […]

  • December 12, 2019

    Steve Martin has a comedy routine about how to make a million dollars without paying taxes. "First," he says, "get a million dollars. Then, don't pay the taxes."I figured that a "how-to" book on painting from Nathan Fowkes would be similar: First, pick up a brush. Then use your exquisite sense of […]

  • December 8, 2019

    Ok guys, this week I want you to create an awesome sci-fi character. But this time there's a twist, you have to mix another genre in with it. So for example, you could create a fantasy character with a sci-fi twist, … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • December 8, 2019

    Great job by everyone this week. Honourable mention goes to Kellkin for Cryos This week'a runner up is NerdAndProud for Deep Freeze And the win this week goes to... AMS for Ice Blazer Not only is the pose and colouring … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • December 1, 2019

    So I was kind of stumped for a topic this week when I looked out my balcony window and there it was; sleet ice freezing rain and snow Yep it’s another Canadian winter. So your challenge this week is to … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • December 1, 2019

    It was difficult to choose a winner this week despite the low turnout but that's why they pay me the big bucks. (Just kidding...I get paid nothing... zip...zilch...zero) Anyway this weeks winner is ForgivenMonster. Beautiful work and the treatment of … Continue reading &rarr […]